Saturday, November 6, 2010

Holding onto an Epiphany (Marnie)

I guess the hardest thing about having an epiphany, is remembering the experience and realization long enough to change your behavior and your life. I told you in my last post that I am going to choose to believe I will get married in THIS LIFE. As I’ve continued to go through the ups and downs of daily life, I’ve been constantly praying to hold to this new resolve. Ten years ago believing this wasn’t such a hard thing, but when you hit 40 and are still unmarried, you feel like time has run out and you've lost the game. Sure, I technically could get married but my own developed opinion (and those of society and other single women over 40), gave me pressure to give up the dream and move on because it’s "safer that way."

I blame this conceived reality I had created in my mind for the depression I felt this summer. I’ve been working HARD for the last decade to find a husband, to change inappropriate behaviors and even thoughts about dating and marriage to be READY for marriage. I take full responsibility for not achieving marriage by 30. I was not ready – mentally or physically. I just wasn’t open to it or even ready to play the game. The sad part was I didn’t realize it.

But the last 10 years I have changed and I did work my butt of to make myself more open to others, swallow some huge fears and work on my trust issues. I have put in the time, made some huge strides, and still have not succeeded in the goal.

And somehow turning 40 made me feel like the buzzer had sounded, the game was up, and I had failed. If I hadn’t achieved the goal, I might as well settle in for the next part of my life as an old maid and accept that God must not want me to marry in this life.

WHO MADE THAT UP???? I’m not entirely sure when I got that idea but it’s insane!! There are people 40+ getting married ALL the time! Especially in this day and age. Sure, it’s not like the young folk who seem to have no baggage and fears, so they jump to commitment fast and furious every 20 minutes, but in my own realm of friends and acquaintances I have seen multiple individuals marry after 40. And personally I think more WOULD marry if we didn’t focus on the negativity and give up once we reach that age.

I realize my biological clock is running down and my chance for a perfect family with 4 kids as I dreamed about as a teenager in Young Woman’s is pretty much shot to oblivion. We all have to come to terms with the loss of those dreams - whatever they entailed. But is that all I want?? that perfect world? Or can I handle a different kind of existence I never planned for or dreamed of that STILL involves marriage?

I’ve thought long and hard over this and I realized that I had to mourn for the loss of a dream of being married and starting a family by age 40. It’s something I think every single woman and man over 40 has to do. That "40" number decides a passage of time and you can’t stop time. But why do we have to GIVE UP? Why do we have to start saying “I hope to get married but I realize it will probably be in the next life?” That’s a load of lies!! Lies started by Satan to discourage an already discouraged group of people. It’s like kicking us when we are down and we are letting him do it with our permission!

I was talking to some old missionary companions who are also 40 and single about some of our relationships and breakups. Both of them told me - through tears - that they had come to terms with the fact that they won’t get married in this life. It SOUNDS like they are accepting God’s will, but personally it sounds like defeat and giving up all faith! Because the next life is a “sure thing” and it doesn’t take much faith to believe that all is possible in heaven. Even the biggest "non-believer" talks about Heaven being wonderful.

I am ALL about accepting God’s will, but I don’t think he wants us to give up and just exist. I don’t think that attitude attracts men or even other people. It’s just sad and lonely. Why would God want us to say that at all?? Basically we are deciding that God won’t grant us a blessing by a certain age and telling him what he is going to do. From my experience that never works nor do I get what I really desire. It’s a lack of faith – no matter the intentions of the person saying it. And I am VERY guilty of saying that in the past.

I’ve told you in my last post that I can’t live my life and be happy by believing marriage is for me only after I die. I won’t do it. It makes me bitter and feel more lonely than I’ve ever felt. I feel like a failure and I start to question God’s love for me in wondering why I didn’t get to be “lucky” like so many of my friends did. Those feelings come quick and naturally but they are wrong. That’s why I am continuing to declare that I BELIEVE I will marry in THIS life!

When I declared this to my missionary companions, they were surprised and I think a little worried for me. They’ve got their escape plan if it doesn’t happen and I don’t have one if it doesn’t come to pass. One may even think I’m commanding God but that isn’t true. I will get married. That is a promise given to me in my patriarchal blessing predicated on my faithfulness and obedience. What I don’t know is "when." The “when” is what I have to come to terms with and accept his will. And until God comes down and breaks the bad news to me in person or through revelation, I won't believe it. Even if I don’t get married in this life, God wants me to act and believe that I will. Isn’t that how we show faith? Isn’t that one of the reasons we are on this earth? To show we believe in the hard things that society and others ridicule us for believing?

I know it’s tough to keep the faith alive. I’ve had my moments in the last few weeks where after a conversation about the frustrations of dating and hearing a friend’s story about another non-committal man has left me with despair and wondering how in the world will it ever work out. But I’ve had to decide each time to just believe and act accordingly. Miracles happen. I’ve seen too many of them to not believe in them. You can’t rely on logic and believe. That isn’t faith instead it’s believing in the “arm of the flesh.” It has to be complete and total faith in God.

So I will continue my resolve to hope and dream for the NEAR future and not the one after I'm dead. I challenge all of you – no matter your situation or age - to believe and not give up! I know God does not punish those that have faith and trust in him especially those that continue to accept his will for them. It’s the scariest thing I’ve ever done and there have already been days that I haven't had the strength to say it with any sort of conviction. But I will continue to act according to those beliefs - even through the tears and frustrations. I know it will bring me the most happiness.

I may end up being a 90 year old, single woman, but I will be a 90 year old, single woman who is looking forward to her next blind date and believes she will get married before she dies. Many may call me crazy, but I just call it faith.


Anonymous said...

Ooh-rah! Take that satan! Hang in there girl!

Penelope said...

OH I SUPER love this post. Thanks for your thoughts.

Fei said...

This post calls for exclamation marks!!!!! YES!!!!!

Thank you for your faith, Marnie. I always love your thoughts and this really hits the nail on the head. Can I repost this?! I'm linking it either way.

Women over 30,40,50 , SIXTY - whatever the age - still do get married ALL the time. Spinsters, however, stay single for life. But being a spinster doesn't have to do with age, it has to do with demeanor and attitude.

I like to think that if you've been in relationships before even though they might have ended terribly, the great news is that you have the tools to be able to find your way into relationships again.

Jeremy said...

I agree with your attitude to be positive and work towards marriage. For those who have decided that it is God's will that they don't marry in this life, that is just not true. It is God's will that we all marry in this life, have a celestial marriage, and inherit the Celestial marriage. But he knows not everyone follows his will and is humble enough to learn the lessons he sets before us. In addition the persons that could be right for us have to fulfill his will also for marriage to happen. So though it is His will that we marry, it doesn't always happen. But we just don't know so we should always work towards that goal. The fault comes when we think it should just happen in our time and way and that we don't need to work towards it.

d'anne said...

Hey, sweetie. Love your attitude, but please don't forget that the Bible tells us that God is our Husband (and the only perfect one, too). Don't set up your future "here on earth" husband for not living up to your preconceived ideas. Set him too high on a pedestal and even he will never reach it! :-] I will believe with you that you will marry in this life. Be satisfied and confident now with God as your Husband, and you won't scare off the earthly husband to come! :-] d'anne

Weston Krogstadt said...

Keep up the good fight sister.

Anonymous said...

Awesome attitude! Love it! Someday your prince will come! In the mean time, enjoy life and notice all the tender mercies of each day . . .

Laurel said...

i love this post.
the end.

Todeskaefer said...

This blog post is both hilarious and tragic at the same time. I just don't get why marriage is THAT important. What if you're perfectly content living like a hermit and can't be bothered with the burden of being in a relationship? Also, the world's population is fast approaching seven billion. Where's the harm if a few people decide not to have kids? There are more people alive today than there ever have been in all of recorded history. Are we going to be in grave danger of dying out of a few among us decide to go childless? Uhh, I don't think so.

Marnie said...

So glad you enjoyed yourself, Todeskaefer. And yes you DON’T get it. I don’t make fun of your beliefs or what you want in life, so why would you go around mocking others? I don’t blog to convert the world, I blog to connect with those that believe what I believe. And I believe families are an eternal principle. I believe getting married and having children is one of the reasons we come to earth. They hold wonderful (and painful) experiences that benefit our growth in life and teach us to love. And there isn't anything wrong with desiring it.

Michellothegreat said...

Wow! I've been surfing looking at other single LDS blogs to get ideas (and scope out the competition!) for my own blogspot titled Oldmaidmormon-go check it out.
Anyway, this is the best post yet. I wish I had time to read them all. Quick question, though, you mention knowing all these 40+ women getting married. Are you talking first time temple marriages? Because one very hard fact I've had to face in these latter days with each passing year and no marriage prospects is that a woman my age should not only be married but divorced and on her second or THIRD marriage (with kids) by now! 137 temples and yet no one can find even one typical LDS ward anywhere in the world with that many first time temple marriages. Ironic isn't it?