Sunday, May 25, 2008

I Am Leah

Cast of Characters
For now, it's just me, "Leah." You know, as in the Bible story. Sometimes it's how I feel, the one no one loves, but I certainly don't feel that pathetic - just in comparison sometimes I think I must look that pathetic.

As for the guys in my stories, I think they'll all be named Phil. That's what my mother liked to call the last guy - she couldn't remember his name. The last couple of kids she had would have been named Philip if they'd come out boys - I think she's just partial to the name. I like it. Besides, I like how it can stand for "fill in the blank" - get it? Clever, I know. Phil the first is officially history - he couldn't stop looking around and I got tired of not being a priority. I currently miss him, though.

Dating History
College days were relatively full, then I hit my mid-20's and I dated little. I think it was my 30th year that I decided to have a "spring-fling" and that was the kick-start I needed. I often advise women who bemoan their loveless lives to have a fling, it did wonders for me. Since then I've had about three serious relationships, a couple were repeats. I believe in being friends, I don't like messy endings, so I've received wedding announcements from all of them and still do the occasional, "Merry Christmas," email. It seems more than my fair share tend to move away about the time we break up - it helps with the "moving on" but I wonder if I'm picking guys who can't/won't commit.

A Bit About Me

I come from a large family and am near the top. Two sisters were married at age 19 and the oldest married at the really old age of 25 - at least I thought she was way old when she got married. I love my brothers - they are good for advice and comfort. The in-laws I'm always working on appreciating more.

I love people - I love building relationships. I love anything that a person I care about loves. I love being introduced to new things through people I love. It seems every guy I've dated has been completely different and as a result I've picked up a variety of interests: quarters, comic books, movies, architecture, baseball, cheese, desert, feet, moose, traveling, guns, bacon, rose bushes, music, Disneyland, Pioneers, B-movies, Japan, Spiderman, and oatmeal.

And I like to read. I teach English to high school students.


Heidi P said...
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Heidi P said...

Sorry about the deleted comments- I just about blew Kris' cover... I am her sister. I am excited to read your blog! This is a great idea and it looks so cute! :)