Saturday, May 24, 2008


Cast of Characters :

Marnie (me) – a 37 year old native Southern Californian girl in denial that she’s lived in Utah since 1989. (I got the name from the title character of my favorite Alfred Hitchcock movie when I was a teenager. That alone gives me TONS to analyze!)

DH - The first guy I ever “dated” – that was back in college

The One (aka My First Love; aka Emotionally Unavailable Man) - He broke up with me through email after we dated for a year. I didn’t take that well.

Rebound – the last guy I dated, totally not my type and very non-committal. We had “the talk” a month ago.

Dating History:

Compared to the rest of the world I’m a beginner at relationships and WAY behind. I never dated in High School or College – except for setups and an occasional pity date I granted. Dating DH happened my last semester in college. It lasted about 2 months – after 4 months of “playing the game.”

In my 20s, I was accused of being a “man hater,” which I still think was unjustified!

Four years ago, I had my first real relationship with The One. The last 6 months we dated he pulled away from me physically and emotionally. I was too stupid to call him on it. But I’m WAY over him now. No really!!

I’ve dated more in my 30s than with my teens and 20s combined. I like to call myself a “late bloomer.”

A bit about me:

I come from a very traditional family – 2 brothers, 1 sister. My parents have been married for 45 years – and are very happy. The bad news is that three of us are still unmarried – yet want to be. Mom somehow thinks it’s her fault.

I love genealogy, traveling, movies, reading, laughing, cult tv shows, and “my peeps” that keep me grounded and fulfilled.

Friends have diagnosed me with commitment issues because all three relationships were with men that warned me "I take it slow" and ended up being non-committal in the end. I'm now reading a self-help book called, "He's Scared, She's Scared." Do you think that can take the place of real therapy?

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