Monday, May 26, 2008

Just call me Bridget

Cast of Characters:
Bridget-me,see below
GSE- gorgeous,successful executive that I've known for 11 years, we were 20 somethings when we thirty somethings,has been very instrumental in my life... We have spent over a decade flirting with the connection we have...
Room mates- Liz and Dre,two beautiful,strong women;many times my partners in crime
Dating History
-I have had a knack of picking unavailable men, some more unavailable than others. I've found myself in "relationships" with a handful of wonderful men, but all have been just out of reach for one reason or another. I have been in long distance relationships and even relationships spanning sexual preference...alright he was gay...and just a friend...but gosh I wanted to be his Grace and he be my Will, forever....sick I know... I am now healthy, or at least not as sick,thanks to my therapist and the Good Lord above and am looking for the man who is not only available,but is most definitely meant for me.

A bit About Me-
I am a 37 year old woman in Southern California. I work full time in the payroll industry and am a full time psychology student. I am working toward my degree, and will, at the end of the road ,be a therapist for children. I lived in Salt Lake City for 12 years, moved there after my mission, then felt very strongly that I needed to move back to my native Southern California. I am loving being back in L.A. and have a great life. I love being close to L.A so I can catch a music show or go to a Dodger game when the spirit moves. I am having the best time of my life...Oprah is gets better and better.

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