Thursday, November 6, 2008

Just Call Me Lorelai

Cast of characters:

Me: Lorelai, I am a 33 year old divorcé with a 5 year old son, DK or in other words the Dark Knight, he loves Batman with a passion and sleeps every night with a black teddy bear named Bruce Wayne. Graduated from Indiana University (Go Hoosiers!) and then moved to Utah. My siblings followed me out here and I found I had no reason to return to the Midwest.

Buck: The first guy I ever “dated”

Charming: The amazing wonderful talented guy that got away or I got away from …

Gap: my ex-husband

Parsley: my best friend and will be often referenced

Dating History:

I would never consider myself a ‘dater.’ I dated (note past tense) but even back in my high school/college days I was not avid. I think I was more of the dreaded “hanger outer” and because of that lack of education on how to date; being thrust back into the dating world has been a challenge. I have dated since my divorce but mostly I have been driving around with my taxi light off (so says Parsley). But the closed door attitude has begun to change. I have even been practicing, smiling and talking to men!

A bit about me:

When I am not in the blogosphere I like to play with DK. Mostly we like to play at Liberty Park or get down with the Wii our favorite game is Lego Star Wars. I love to read, mostly fantasy or a good cozy mystery. I am an aspiring novelist. I love board games and playing cards and I enjoy taking walks especially in the mountains. I like to be able to do things while talking, so those kinds of activities appeal to me. I dislike traveling but I would love to see faraway places looking forward to the whole beam-me-up-Scottie thing so I can have my cake and eat it too.


Kris said...

Welcome Lorelai

Marnie said...

Hey Lorelai, Great to have you join us! Can't wait to see how it goes with the dating!!

Durante said...

Absolutely love how you are interested in so many interesting things!