Sunday, July 12, 2009

Importance of Proof-reading (Marnie)

I mentioned before that I had decided to go online. I'm now on two LDS single websites. I've chosen LDSplanet and LDSSingles. I found LDSplanet to be a place where I attract men at least 10 to 15 years older than me. I can't tell you how discouraging that is! One email from a guy even said, "I wish you were younger! I'm old enough to be your dead." Yes, he typed "dead" instead of "dad." Even a better sign that we are NOT meant for each other.

I did find a cool feature that may cut down on communication from "older" gentlemen of that website. Under My Account, there is a section called "preferences." Under preferences, I can decide what age group can "view" me. Oh, it's a splendid feature!! I have limited it to 35 to 45 (I'm 38). That's the age range I'm comfortable with. Now, I am no longer getting creepy old guys sending me flirts like "love at first sight!" anymore! Now if they ONLY had that feature on LDSSingles...

LDSSingles tends to be more my style. I like how it shows more detailed information up front about the individual. I'm getting some emails from some guys my age which has been nice. One email asked me about my profile and wondered how I could hold a temple recommend if I said I never attended church. DOH!!! It appears that I failed to complete the profile and the default setting was "never attends church." It's been like this for at least a week and a half (when I first signed up) and for at least 3 emails I've sent out to potential guys that have not responded.

I since fixed it so it appropriately reflects who I am. I can only imagine what it would be like to get an email from a girl that is on a LDS website and specifically says, "never attends church." Not a good way to attract church going men - which I am looking for among other things.

So the lesson here? Double check your profile and proof-read! Oh, and change up the picture if it's not getting a good response. That helped too...


Duncan said...

Being the geek that I am, I did a study on LDSsingles. Last summer, I waited for the boys to check me out and spent a lot of time waiting with no results. This spring, I sent a personalized email to nearly every Utah guy between the ages of 29-41 that attended church regularly and had recently logged on. That was over 100 emails. I found that
56% were flat out ignored,
25% looked at my profile and then ignored me,
3% replied without looking at my profile but only sent a smiley face or its equivalent,
8% viewed my profile and wrote back but only sent a smiley face or its equivalent, and
8% wrote back and asked a question. Most of these fizzled out, but I did get one date. Wow. So not impressed.
But I did admit I was over-weight and had three kids so maybe that had something to do with it.
And yes, I was made a favorite of a 65 year-old man (I'm 31). Ewwww! Hope you have better luck.

Duncan said...
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Nelson said...

The comment above made me think. What are the variables. Obviously the men that were emailed. Beyond that there is also the quality of the profile. There are certain elements that an online profile has to have in order to get visited and for men to take action. It also begs the question if people put as much effort into meeting people offline as they do online...would the efforts be more successful than 1%? Just musing.

Conkit said...

That is hilarious! Makes me want to go sign up just for the fun experiences. Too bad you have to pay for the sites. I'm going on 29 an was inactive for the past 8 yrs. Coming back to church made me realize everyone is married and I seem to have missed out on "prime" marriage age.