Thursday, July 9, 2009

Reporting in...(Marnie)

It’s July 5th, and I’m reporting in on my goals that I hoped to achieve by July 1st.

GOAL: Four dates by July 1st (to help me accomplish my "50 dates a mate" goal)
RESULTS: I did not get ONE date from a guy I had not been out with before! I guess I’m in a slump! Before I could at least get 1 if not 2 within a month’s time, but although I tried hard, it just didn’t happen. I did get asked out, but one guy canceled and said we would figure it out later (It’s been 2 weeks). And the other facebooked me and after I told him, "Sure! Let's go out!" He said he had to go “out of town.” It was VERY odd!! The “out of town” one isn’t a great choice. He doesn’t have any of the qualities that I’m looking for, so I may just skip him altogether. Then, I can focus more on guys that DO have the qualities I’m looking for. Of course, they appear to be currently hiding…

GOAL: Be on 2 single websites by July 1st
RESULTS: Well, I joined one website! But the 2nd one I haven’t done yet. I’ve been a bit disappointed about the response of the first website: LDSPlanet. Initial response was from 95% men that were over 50 years old. Are they kidding?? I'm 38!! I guess my profile or picture implies I’m desperate, because one is even being overly persistent. I’m blocking him the next time he sends me a “love at first sight” flirt! I guess I need to start searching for potentials myself and sending some flirts at the guys that at least “appear” normal. I’m not great at being the first to contact, but I guess it’s time to get over that. I do have faith that it will get better. I know in my singles ward, the first few months were all about meeting the crazy and creepy guys. They preyed on the new people. Once you work through them and they know you won’t be dating them, they move onto the next new batch. And then, the normal guys started to come out and approach me. Maybe that will happen on the website too. Here’s hoping!!

GOAL: Attend 3 new venues (places where singles can be) and practice 10 flirting techniques at each
RESULTS: I did attend 2 new venues where I did a great job at completing the flirting techniques. But then I had 2 new venues that I got a total of 8 all together. I blame it on timing and lack of males in each venue. Then I ran out of days in the month.

Overall, I guess it wasn’t a bad month. I didn’t really complete all my goals – ok, I did terrible! But I at least got it started. I’m hoping July is full of lots of activities and new venues to go to. We’ll see how the websites go…I’m a bit skeptical, but maybe it won’t be as bad as I think.


stacy said...

I know this is an old post, but I haven't been here in a while, and I have to say: you used to be able to get 2 dates a month? Huh? I wouldn't have even thought of setting a goal for 4 dates by July 1st--I'm lucky if I get one date in a year. I suppose I might have better luck if I got out more, but then that would require money. Bah. I need to just stop thinking dating itself is even possible.

Anonymous said...

As a normal LDS male (or at least I like to think so) it pains me to watch the creepy/weird guys prey on the new females in the ward. Sometimes I'll ask a new girl out, but I tend to stay away and let the creepers establish themselves as creepers before I come in.

I could apologize for that I guess, but I would like to come off to the new girls as one of the guys not jumping after the fresh meat just because they don't know who I am yet.

I saw it a lot in my 20's with 28-31 yr old guys and 19-22 year old girls. The guys are tired of watching all the cute girls get scooped up so they move in too fast and appear desperate. They push away single male friends because they see them as threats and competition. This just adds to the creeper status.