Sunday, October 24, 2010

Meet Penelope

Hello readers!
We have another guest post from Penelope I'd like to share with you:

Hello new friends, I'd like to introduce myself. I'm in my mid-30's like many here. I recently went to an event with speed-dating where a man asked me if I had been married before, I replied no. He asked me if I had kids, and I said no. He asked me if I had a cat or dog. I said nope. I said, well I have 2 plants that I have managed to keep alive. He was silent and just blinked. I don't think he knew what to say. See he was a single dad to 4 with part time custody and I'm sure he was thinking, wow this won't be a good match. Luckily I wasn't too invested in the relationship to be offended that he didn't "pick me."

As for my blog name, Penelope, I took it from a movie I watched recently. Yes, I watch odd movies on Netflix. But the idea behind the movie and Penelope fits me. Penelope has a physical deformity as a result of a family curse. Her mom hides her away because people were trying to get pictures of how horrible Penelope looked. Eventually Penelope's parents decide to try to get her married off because part of the curse was that she had to marry "one of her own," someone rich and powerful who would still love her despite her odd looks. After many rejections, she runs off on her own and allows people see her for who she really is. Interestingly, she realizes that people are ok with her, despite her mother's warnings that people will reject her. She even is able to...get married....of all things, despite looking bizarre because she is just herself. Recently, I feel like I've hit the stage of being ok with myself despite being told I'm not pretty enough to get married. If others want to say I'm not pretty enough, that's ok but I'm not going to hide myself anymore. So Penelope I have become! :)

I also have had my share of the dating woes and they are still on-going. I hope that I can share some of them here and get feedback with comments, questions or thoughts. I originally came to this blog a long time ago because I felt a kindred spirit here to know that I wasn't alone in my single status and the experiences I was having., So I hope I can do that for other sisters as well.


Anonymous said...

who ever told you that you weren't pretty enough to be married? ugly people get married all the time. how do they think ugly people keep getting made? weird.

Penelope said...

That is true, ugly people do get married all the time. Its something to think about.

Fei said...

My theory about ugly people getting married is simple: they are not shy, and they are not picky.

Well, there is a certain extent of discernment/pickiness that is necessary but the "ugly" people I know who are married had success because they knew what their league was and stuck within it.

Penelope said...

I totally agree with the league thing you said Fei. I agree that its about knowing ourselves and who will be attracted to us. So if you keep getting guys asking you out that you would not want to go out with, should we look at ourselves and see how we can change to attract the type of guy we want to date? Or should we just be ok with the people who are asking us out?

Fei said...

If we knew the answer to that question, none of us would have problems, right? ;)

My question is, if you're already attracting guys by being you, how much more can/should you change to attract the guys who aren't appreciating you the way others are? Are they worth changing for (assuming this change can be done)?

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