Friday, January 16, 2009

Congratulations Kris!! (marcia)

Congratulations to Kris who marries Grant today!!

Kris is the founder of this blog - she wanted to do something that would help her reach her goal of getting married. I'd say she met her goal!

I always say that it's a miracle when two people find each other - but I also believe that miracles happen everyday!

Best of luck and much happiness to you both!!


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Leah said...

I need to offer an apology for missing the reception! I had planned to go down with New Phil, but other obligations made us too late and we missed it. But good came of it - he and I got to have one of those valuable talks about what matters to each of us. I really regret missing the celebration - but I'm trying to see the bright side. Congratulations Kris and Grant - hooray for happiness!