Monday, August 18, 2008

Balance (Kris)

I enjoyed Leah's post on clarity as it is something I've been thinking about a lot lately too. This whole Grant thing has definitely been a sweep-me-off-my-feet kind of experience. I am a person who lives more in her head than in her heart, and my head has been spinning as I feel like Grant took my heart and ran with it. I'm feeling the desire for the rest of my body to catch up- for my head to make sense out of all that has been going on.

I've realized a lot of the things I do to bring clarity to my life have been neglected the past several weeks. I've wanted to spend as much time as possible with Grant which means little sleep, very little scripture study, prayers in a state of half-slumber, skipping ward temple night, and not getting daily exercise.

Part of me is OK with this. It is fun to have my life turned upside down by a boy, throw all sense out the window, and just be in la-la land for a while. Then my head kicks in and tells me to be practical, slow down, and think it all through. I start getting a little panicked about what's going on and how fast it's all happening.

I want to find a balance between the two. This weekend was a good start. Grant and I had a great bike ride up American Fork Canyon on Friday, and on Saturday night he sent me home early to get a good night's rest (thanks G!). Yesterday, I had some needed Kris-time to relax, read and get things done around my house. Today I feel rested and grounded-at least my feet are, my head is still a bit in the clouds thinking about how lucky I am to have found such a fabulous :) man! Balance is nice.

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Leah said...

Good job Kris! Years ago when I began dating a guy that made my head spin I came across the scripture in the D&C about keeping your house in order. I was reminded that while I was enjoying time with him I had to be sure to keep my routines and responsibilities going so that I didn't lose myself or my perspective. With my new clarity kick that seems to be even more relevant.