Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Desperate Measures (Kris)

“There's someone out there for everyone - even if you need a pickax, a compass, and night goggles to find them.” – Steve Martin in LA Story

Am I the only one who feels like this? Where do you find men to date? The singles ward scene got too much for me a few months ago and I switched to my family ward; so going to church isn't much of a resource for dating. (I do find I’m enjoying church just being church and not a singles conference.) I work in a small office with the same 12 people every day, so I don't meet new people that way. I have a nice group of friends that includes some “datable” men but most of them fall into “dated”, “tried to date”, or “not interested in dating”. Where does that leave me?

My purpose in doing this blog was to motivate me to get out of my comfort zone. Anyone have great ideas or success meeting quality men? I’m up for trying anything, which I guess, unfortunately, includes the internet. Really, I don’t know where else to go.

I’ve tried internet dating briefly and was quite uncomfortable with it. I have a fear of strangers, plus I’ve seen too many episodes of Law and Order so I think everyone online is a liar or pervert. (not really, but sort of) I do know many people who have met online and it’s worked out well. If they can do it, then surely I can too. There is just a part of me that cringes when I think about it.

I feel like I have to make all sorts of disclaimers about why I post a profile online. It's a little embarrassing. Why do I feel like it’s a sign I’m desperate? Well... maybe I am. I enjoy the single life, but would like to be married and haven’t been too successful in finding the right guy. So is that desperate? Why not use all the resources available to meet new people.

I guess it’s decided. On-line I go. I’m guessing my first several posts will be about my on line experiences (assuming I will have some) and you, dear blog, can be my support system. Thanks.


Scully said...

okay this is cool. makes me feel not so alone and psycho. you gals rock.

Leah said...

Yeah - we have a fan! Thanks for the support. "You're not alone..." comes to mind - very inspiring.

aaronh said...

Kudos to you girls!! Very cool idea, I really like the anonymous avatars you have created to personalize yourselves. Thanks for sharing!


kat said...

'desparate' is throwing yourself at anything with XY chromosomes and a pulse. 'using your resources' is sucking it up and going for the internet. brave gals! i'm still amazed that anyone gets married at all - too much stuff/emotions/life to coordinate, especially as one gets older.

i'm so tickled that you're putting yourself out there. and i LOVE the anonymous names for posting. brilliant. as long as someone's sister doesn't 'out' everyone! :)

Anonymous said...

Go out dancing? It's tough, but if you can find a wing girl, it's better.