Thursday, May 29, 2008

My Planet Experience (by Leah)

Bridgett inspired me. I must share my experience with LDSPlanet. I went on there to check out the profile of Phil, who I was dating at the time, but we weren't exclusive - heaven forbid he stop looking and try just focusing on one person - so I knew he was on there. I just wanted to see if he looked the same to me online as he did in person. He didn't. In fact I was reminded of why I haven't ever been able to do the Internet thing (I've only made half hearted attempts - like this one). When I look at men's profiles online I don't see candy - I see regurgitated food. It makes me a bit ill. In fact I find I start disliking men. I see them as shallow and not so attractive. Lame and poorly educated. They appear desperate and lost and confused and depressing. I know - I'm being extreme - but truthfully I have pretty extreme reactions. This time was no exception. I liked Phil a whole lot better in person! I had to remind myself that what I liked about him in person was what I'd probably like about all the other men in person. So after he found out I was checking him out he suddenly felt like I'd caught him cheating. Whatever. That quickly led to the end of what we had. But I stayed on there trying to be hopeful and productive. Besides, I'd paid a good 10 bucks - I wanted to get my money's worth. What I got was some pathetic man who was looking for a woman who was open minded in terms of intimacy and fun. I decided he didn't mean he was looking for a woman who thought it would be fun to attend an Obama for president rally together and discuss our inner views on the roles of government and the average citizen. When I told him I wasn't open minded in the way he wanted he quickly wrote me off and threw a parting insult my way. Yeah, I've avoided the online thing for good reasons - this experience didn't do much to change my view. Maybe some day. Good luck fellow bloggers - keep the hope alive!

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