Thursday, May 29, 2008

I Want to Marry a Hank Hill! (Marnie)

Throughout the years, people have asked me what my type was. It's changed vastly - even from just a year ago. When I was younger, I really didn't know what my type because frankly I didn't date enough to know what type I wanted. But I made something up.

When I was young, he had to be tall, dark, lanky and hilarious - probably because my one crush during my teenage years was tall, dark, lanky and hilarious. Later, my type became tall, blonde, lanky, and hilarious. That's pretty creative from the teenage girl that never dated, huh?

Then it got more specific in college - he COULDN'T be from Utah! And definitely not from a small Utah town! That was just unthinkable!! Yet, DH (my relationship from college) was from the SMALLEST town in Utah - well, in my big city eyes. I just couldn't believe I was even interested in a man that didn't fit my type! (Although I will admit he was tall, dark, and lanky - Hilarious is still up for discussion.)

That list of what my type was also consisted of: never been married, college graduate, hot, ambitious, his parents had to still be married, and he had to love the band, U2.

Each of my three relationships basically went against one of those "types" I just HAD to have when I was 21. And those requirements have all hit the dust since. They just don't seem all that important now. Now the list has turned into something like: he has to have a testimony AND be active in the LDS church, have a job, be non-competitive, be emotionally available, and think I'm the coolest thing on earth! Funny how things change. I almost think that mental list I made back in college was an opportunity for the Almighty to make me eat my words for things I would never put up with. Who says God doesn’t have a sense of humor!

I was watching the TV cartoon, King of the Hill the other day and it was an episode about Hank Hill's wife, Peggy and her upcoming birthday. Every single birthday she had had in the past something terrible happened - robbed at the restaurant where they had the birthday dinner, flash flood, etc. But she doesn't give up the dream to have a great birthday party that year! Of course it all goes awry and she ends up crying a bit. But the part that I loved the most was her slightly overweight, a tad uptight, not all that tactful husband, Hank that continued to support her, look on the bright side of each terrible situation (which came out hilarious!) and just held her when she bawled her eyes out about having another disasterious birthday. In the end, it turned out just fine – but not without a lot of suffering. All I could think about what how great it would be to have a husband that did all that Hank did – stuck by her side and loved her – even with her size 13 feet!!

Because of that, I’ve decided I’m adding all of Hank Hill’s great traits to my “type” list. You’ve got to love learning life’s lessons through TV cartoons!

And so the search continues…

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Leah said...

I'm with you - what is "type" anyway? I've pretty much thrown out any idea of figuring mine out. I just have to really like him.