Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Sometimes I feel like a Necco's wafer, and I'm not talking about the chocolate one (Bridget)

Ok, it's official..i am addicted to at least two things:diet coke and LDSplanet. The diet coke thing is not new, life would not be anywhere near the level it is now if i didn't have it to nurse me back to my tranquil self during times of stress and heartache,and i have accepted that. LDSplanet however, is a surprise. I have been on this site on and off for years. If singles are found together for any extended amount of time, the question inevitably arises,"Are you online?" Oh, the shame of it all, as some avert their eyes, answer, "uh huh, yeah" almost apologetically as if they are answering yes to the question "are you a sexual deviant?". I have never felt this shame, well, at least not in a long time. It's not that I've had incredibly successful stories from online web sites, its just that the feeling of being able to log on each time and get a whiff of something that smells pretty close to blessed hope is pretty hard to pass up. Hope, that the profile of just who I am looking for is a click or two away. What a convenient way to do it... Its like being a kid in a candy store,all my favorites in front of me,decorating the shelves. The wrappers so colorful and shiny. Oh they have Abba Zabbas, Big Hunks,Turkish Delight, and Cadbury Easter eggs (seasonal,if its not close to Easter,you don't want that egg). Whatever I'm in the mood for, there's something for me. Although there's lots of yummy candy, there's also the candy like Necco's,and the 1950's wax gum...covered in dusty wrappers,cuz no one ever picks them up, and they are rarely ever bought. I have been on in Utah and California. The longest relationship I have had from online sources was 4 months. It crashed and burned, but taught me some more about what i'm looking for and who i want to be. Just like all things,LDSplanet should be used in moderation. I have a sneaking suspicion, OK I know, that those days I am feeling stressed out by the fact that I'm not married and I should be,and i better think of what to do to change it,those days are when my addiction is realized....girlfriend logs on like there's no tomorrow....he's gotta be on darling Abba Zabba. Until they come up with a 12 step program...i guess I'm on my know what I'm just going to toggle over and see who's online right now..I'll blog with you later....

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