Friday, May 30, 2008

Weekend Report (by Leah)

I don't mean to be a bloghog or anything, but since part of the purpose of this is to hold myself accountable and report on my efforts and progress I might as well tell the little story of the little effort I made this week. Hooray for effort!

Okay, I hosted a party on Memorial Day for old friends but decided to take the opportunity and invite a few newer friends. One in particular is a Phil that I hope to get to know better. He's not my "type" as Marnie's post has discussed - he's far too short - but as I mentioned in my comment, I'm trying to disregard all type rules I've had previously. Plus, my good friend "Bob" (that will have to suffice as the alias for a male friend) suggested I get to know this Phil better as Bob thinks he's a good man worth investigating. Since I always give Bob suggestions I decided I should follow his. Phil came to my party. We chatted. There was some good eye contact -the hopeful chemistry kind - so I decided to invite him on a camping trip with some friends. I sucked up some courage on Wednesday night only to get his voice mail. I left him the message asking if he thought he'd be available to join the group camping. He called me back last night to say he couldn't but appreciated my thoughtful call and asked me to keep him in mind for future events.

So now the question.... Was this a good move? If I want Phil to be a PHIL then should I have invited him? Sooooo often my hopeful Phils wind up becoming just another Bob in my life. I don't need more Bobs. I want a good Phil. It's like walking a balance beam trying to be interesting and interested just enough to build Phil potential without winding up with a Bob. This is my challenge and what inspires me to call myself "Leah." In the end I try to at least congratulate myself for doing a hard thing and reaching out to the opposite sex with confidence and kindness.


Betty Grace said...

I think it was a good move. Just don't get stuck in the pattern. If you can be at a few events with him and flirt to get across your interest, then leave it in his court to see you again.

Anonymous said...

Way to go, I think its a great move. You have to take some risk- now you can know if Phil is a PHIL. (BTW, I think your lingo is so funny!)

Leah said...

YES! I'll beware of patterns.
HP - thanks for the support and validation!