Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Failure (by Leah)

I have a story to tell about the singles conference I recently attended. I participated in "speed dating" for the first time. I was a bit excited about it and wasn't totally disappointed by the experience. I WAS, however, surprised by the overall tone I sensed in the "dates." It seemed to me that the men were just as discouraged and nervous about the whole experience as I was. I was trying to be hopeful, but underneath it all I felt like it was pointless and we were all just going through the motions because we felt like we had nothing better to do/try. Anyway, we'll see if any real dates come of the experience. For now, I wanted to share a beautiful (and somewhat) inspiring quote I discovered in my blog surfing today. I think it applies to us - the women of this blog.

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Betty Grace said...

Love this! I want a copy. She is talented.