Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Living Life (Leah)

Years ago, and a few Phils ago, I was struck by a talk President Monson gave in conference. What amazes me is that it seems he keeps giving the same talk over and over. Really. I'm nearly positive that I have either heard or read him saying that we need to learn from the past, plan for the future, and live in the present. Back when I first heard it the Phil I was with was causing me some stress. He was moving soon and wasn't a big believer in long distance relationships. (Now that I've tried my share I may agree with him!) Anyway, I was really struggling with living in the moment and enjoying what I had with him. I think this is a real challenge for everyone - probably since the prophet spoke about it a few times it can't just be for us singles - but I feel like it is my personal mountain to climb. I must learn that God loves me enough to bless me with meaningful moments - ones that confirm his love for me, teach me valuable lessons, or are just plain enjoyable. When I get over booked and run ragged I remember that slowing down at least mentally might be good. Taking a minute to breathe and enjoy at least the panic of the moment I am in - that might be beneficial. So that's my goal lately. Phil or no Phil, work or no work, friends or no friends, it's all good.

Okay, I'm done rambling. Just felt the need to post and that's what came out.


Lorelai said...

I love that quote from President Monson. I have so many thoughts right now so here goes my ramble. Sometimes I find it easier to live in the past or the future because I get to choose. For example, in the past I choose which memories to play in my mind. For the future I decide what dreams to dream over and over again. But the now I have less control. (Perhaps control issues?) But I loved what you said, 'Taking a minute to breath and enjoy at least the panic of the moment I am in' I want to do that! I want to enjoy even that panic. What a great post. Thanks for sharing Leah

Betty Grace said...

Ugh, I needed that.

Leah said...

I'm glad to hear that what seemed like pointless rambling to me was of worth to you. Thanks for the positive feedback.