Sunday, November 30, 2008

Everything's going to be all right(Bridget)

So much of my life I am finding are moments filled with worry,with anxiety..with focus on what is not yet in my life. Finding a husband has become a life long filled with sadness, frustration, and angst. Today I took a drive as I do mostly every Sunday. I took the time to talk to my Father in Heaven. I told Him that if I could be told by someone who REALLY knows, from exact knowledge, that everything is going to be ALL RIGHT I could then LET the anxiety GO. I am going to be ALL RIGHT. Maybe then, if I was told by someone I trust, someone I know, I would believe it and would be able to focus on all of the other wonderful things in my life. My nephew and nieces, the exquisite joy of being their Aunt. The blessing that I have of living in a state that I absolutely love. The reality that I am on the path to becoming what I was put on this earth to do, help people through therapy find answers for themselves to enrich their lives. The amazing family I have been blessed with. The friends that share my life more than anyone else in my life...who share much of my outlooks and perspectives. This amazing world that I live in, with so many special experiences in store, necessary experiences. I made a goal today to work on my heart, so that it will be soft enough, and will garner the amount of trust needed, and will be open enough to hear Him when He tells me, "Everything's going to be all right"


Anonymous said...

Amazingly healthy attitude!

Lady Susan said...

This was my mantra for the longest time. It requires a lot of faith. You have to know that Heavenly Father has a plan for you, and it will unfold when and where it is appropriate. Once you embrace that idea, you can let go of all the anxiety and angst.

Of course, like everything in life, there are moments that everything is great; you are confident; you have faith that everything will work out. And then there are the darker moments when you are overwhelmed and your faith falters.

I like the idea of living in the moment. Enjoy what you have right now. Your life right now is not any less important than when you get married.

Scully said...

I think the key is believing that that someone who really knows with exact knowledge is HF and then believing Him. I've really liked Pres. Hinckley's and Pres. Monson's addresses that have said just that. I believe them too. One thing that struck me once was a thought that came to me once that went something like this, "What makes you so narcissistic as to think that those promised blessings and assurances would be for everybody else but you?"