Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Clarity - Even When Dating (Leah)

My visiting teachers came by last night. We discussed our divine nature and how knowing we are daughters of God can bless our lives. We talked about the perspective and clarity it gives us. It got us off on a tangent a bit, though, that applies to this blog. My visiting teacher shared a time in her life when she was being stressed about a guy - should they keep dating or not, or something more complicated. When she spoke to the bishop he told her to not think about the guy, the problem, the decision, ANY of it for at least a month. Just focus and build a relationship with God. By focusing on the things that ARE true and clear she was able to find clarity in the tangled web of emotion that relationships can bring. We compared it to when you're driving and you see a terrible wreck on the side of the road. If you look at it you tend to drift that way and can possibly cause an accident yourself. If you stay focused on the clear path ahead you will be fine. The lesson is - don't look at the problem and the stress in your life, look at the things that are good and simple and hopeful. Like Moses and the rod and the people who wouldn't look because it was too simple, and that guy who wouldn't just go bathe in the water how ever many times because it seemed too simple a way to be healed. How much joy and peace we deny ourselves due to pride and selfish drama!


Bryan said...

Sorry for blog stalking, but what you have said is super insightful. I wish everyone of us would look to the things that are so simple but make us so happy. Thanks again.

Leah said...

Bryan - keep stalking - company is good and it's even better to think we do each other good. Thanks!