Friday, August 15, 2008

Really - this is my last one! (Leah)

I just had to share. I think last time I praised Phil it was to say I liked his predictability. Well, last night he was a bit spontaneous and I must admit I really liked it. No wonder people say you can never a please a woman - but maybe they should say it's easy to please a woman - we like all kinds of attention (from a likable man). Anyway, I was just feeling in that stage where you doubt if the guy is really all that interested. He asks you out regularly enough (note predictably enough), but it's hard to believe he really "digs" you since it's so methodically paced. Well last night, thinking he was calling my home phone but really getting my cell, he called five times. He never left a message - but when I got back to my phone and saw I'd missed that many from him it actually made me happy - of course I called him. When he found out that I could tell he'd tried so many times he felt embarrassed - that was cute. He was just calling to see if I wanted to get some dinner. He'd gotten home late from work and thought it would be fun to see if I at least would join him and maybe have dessert if I'd already eaten. What I really liked was that he started calling around 7:30 and the last one was at 9:30 - he still hadn't eaten. I liked that he was so persistent about something so spontaneous. And I really liked the late night of it all. Great fun. Another happy plus was that he said he likes listening to me - which is good because I tend to talk a lot. Needless to say I'm a bit happy.

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