Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Persistence (Leah)

Okay, two posts in one day, that means I get to take a break from posting for awhile! :) Actually this is a thought I had last Sunday and it came up again. In church there was a talk about persistence and perseverance. The speaker mentioned that we tend to persist in certain behaviors that are probably best repented of. Then in a conversation with a friend today I heard about another friend that seems to persist in dating a guy that will never change. It reminded me of my own drawn out relationship with last year's Phil. At what point do you call it done? My girl friend mentioned that it might be best to decide in advance (before you've really fallen) how long you'll continue to invest. Like the stock market - at what point do you say your investment is just losing more than it'll ever be worth? You tend to hold out hoping the price will go up - in a relationship you continue hoping the guy will commit - or whatever. You don't want to put time lines or false expectations - but you also don't want to hold on to a sinking ship. We decided that with every guy it's different and maybe depending on where you are in life the timing will be different. Truthfully, I guess this is where prayer is a must. You have to feel like you're really focusing and following God's plan for you - whether or not it includes that guy and in what way it might include him. Sorry, I'm not sure I offered much insight or hope - just a bit of confusion - and this after my last post about looking towards the clear path instead of the messy wreck. Luckily my current Phil is not a mess, yet. Just wondering if I should set some parameters for myself before I get too far in - you know, while it's still clear.

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