Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Recruiting (Kris)

Well, we are sad (and happy) to lose Marcia. Clue is a lucky guy. We are still looking forward to some additional posts from her, but I thought it was time to put the call out for another blogger. Any of the readers out there interested? Please email us at

Here's the sales pitch.... I'm giving the blog credit for Marcia and Clue working things out. Her honesty on the blog inspired some hard, honest conversations in their relationship which, IMHO, saved them from some serious miscommunication and possibly breaking up. (Marcia you're welcome to correct me on that one.) I also credit the blog for my meeting Grant. I'd tried internet dating previously and was too apprehensive. This time, I joined the dating sites more as an assignment for this blog which made it way less scary, let me relax and enjoy the process, and proved to be the best thing ever. If Leah, Marnie and/or Bridget want to post about what they think the blog has done or not done for their dating/personal lives or how much they enjoy it, I'll leave that to them.

You can remain completely anonymous, even to the rest of us bloggers. Send me an email if you're interested. We need you! Ü

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Marnie said...

Oh, for sure this has helped me! If anything, the accountability of the blog makes me move forward. Trust me, I needed/still need this experience! And all this hard work WILL get me married! (see! look at me say that with conviction for all to see!)