Sunday, December 7, 2008

Blockage (Leah)

Bridgett - thank you for posting! I've been wanting to post this weekend, but last night it was late and I really like my bed. Then this evening, as I was thinking of how to say some of the things I wanted to say, I decided to read everything I've posted. Um, hind sight is an amazing thing. It's a bit odd going back over your past thoughts. Not that my core beliefs have changed much, but perspective works some wonders.

Bridgett, as I was reading your post I thought of the word "blockage." I was discussing dating with a guy in his 20's - like he knows anything - and he said singles these days have blockage. He was actually talking about his own peer group. Hmm, maybe he does know something. Maybe we're all alike in the end. I do think those married ward people have a lot of the same issues (blockage) that we do. But anyway, back to the thoughts I had in response to Bridgett's post. I participate in a wonderful discussion group with a few women - we call it "vision group" - we work on achieving visions. We've discovered that part of the good we gain from meeting is that we have safe honest friends with whom we can address some of our blockage. Life is a process and requires much self reflection. If you can get it out of online dating, carry on. I get a lot of it out of teaching. I read a passage from Julius Caesar this week where one guy is trying to be a "mirror" to another guy. In truth, he's being manipulative and is not a true mirror - but he says one true statement - about how you can never really see yourself for what you really are. You need to trust friends to show you what you're like - to be your mirror. I think blockage is processed and removed through some good self reflection. Maybe reading old posts will count.

I hereby vow to practice what I preach. Ha! No really, I intend to love freely and focus more on my relationship with God. Today's testimony meeting was really good. I'm inspired to do more to build my personal relationship and get to know my Savior as a friend that can be trusted - as He really is that. The atonement is good for the remission of sins, healing hearts, and removing blockage. If some behavior you have is not drawing you closer to the Savior (i.e. leaves you discouraged and hopeless) then I say quit it.

And Bridgett - about the "when it's right it's right" thing - I agree. Trouble is, you won't always know until there's some hind sight. Keep processing, keep reflecting, keep believing.

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