Saturday, December 13, 2008

Saving Face(Bridget)

Ok, a couple of things. Firstly,being offline has been great. Very liberating. Rychelle, our faithful reader was right, I already feel happier without the "online obsession" hanging over me. At work the last few days, on one level I was aware of the tendency I had to go online and check things out several times a day,usually when i'm stressed (less calories than a fun size snickers) and because I wasn't checking it anymore, it left a little bit of an itch. Overall, its been liberating and reinforcing. I do not deny that online dating can work, my sister met her husband online as well as others,like Kris from this very blog. I know that it can be a vehicle to bring two people together. However, for me, the timing has been right to take a break. I guess for me, the energy I was spending on it was over the amount that I really should be giving it, and true to form, just like Diet coke and Lay's chips I can't just have one, or look once a week, or even once a day. So,until I can muster up some discipline from somewhere..Bridget is on her own and open to fate stepping in :)whatever that means. As I've had time freed up from the dating website, another phenomenon,called FaceBook has really caught my eye in the last couple of months, friends and acquaintances from elementary school, high school, old Jobs,old sentences served(?) are all coming out of the wood works...It's hard not to notice that EVERYONE, I mean EVERYONE has procreated. Even the guy that used to make fun of me and made my life a living hell is expecting twins with his wife. Is this fair? Am I letting this get me down? Some times, when I think about it too deeply. Does it make me want to eat a whole Digiornio pizza? Maybe.Am I reminding myself that everyone has a unique purpose, and timeline...and that a Digiornio's pizza would easily be 3000 calories? Twelve times a day...Am I so happy that I have an opportunity to blog and receive support,understanding, and strength from singles around the country? I have faith that I have access to the power to overcome and create exactly the life that I want...yes..even if the key is finding the gratitude for the life that I now know that it has almost ALL of the elements that I have asked for from Heavenly Father..just maybe not in the packages I had pictured...although lets be clear,a husband package would be really nice...fed exed...extra special.

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rychelle said...

yeah, sometimes those facebook "catch ups" are hard to take.(why/how did that person find someone and not me?!!) but, it just reminds me there's a lid for every pot. i guess i've just got to keep the faith that the right pot (or lid) is out there...;)