Monday, December 8, 2008

Message in a bottle (Bridget)

I think you're right about blockage, Leah. We all have it...even marrieds...i guess personally i get really frustrated knowing that the blockage is there...because in my mind its "blocking" me from my life i'm supposed to have...supposed to have? well I guess not,because in reality I don't have it. A lesson i am currently learning. I am living the life that i'm supposed to have...because it is. And gosh isn't that a more peaceful feeling, I am living the life I am supposed to have, as opposed to what I have told myself on so many levels, I am not living the life I was meant to have. I do believe that self reflection helps us to process.. and what a true and beautiful concept that we're able to see ourselves through others. I am a great believer that the people we are closest to are our mirrors..the more we know them the more potential we have to perhaps reflect off them. I was talking with my roommate yesterday about fear, and how it causes us to freeze and perhaps put off the stuff that can sandblast through the blockage. Its easier to hang on to illusions about how we are, who we're with...illusions that by nature skew reality...and therefore keep us safe and I dream of Jeannie's bottle...(I would've loved to live there..all those lush pillows...lots of silky softness ...very safe and cozy...but not reality..just stuck in a bottle. The safety and coziness, so tempting..just like the illusion.


rychelle said...

i just wanted to say i always look forward to your posts. you have a way of saying EXACTLY what i've been trying to express. you put words to feelings i have about dating/faith/life that i totally relate to.

anyway, all that rambling = thanks for helping me feel a little less alone. and thanks for sharing.

the end. ;)

Leah said...

I love your imagery! Sandblasting through blockage and living in a bottle. Perfect. One reason I tend to embrace new and exciting challenges is because I hope they'll keep me from getting comfortable in my bottle. And you never know if it will be the right kind of sand for blasting. Sometimes you need really tough sand. And good job reminding yourself that you ARE living the life you're supposed to live - I figure if it's the life we've chosen then it's the right one. No regrets! Only action!

Lorelai said...

Living in the bottle. I like that imagery. It does seem cozy and safe but we are trapped just the same relying on someone else to rub the bottle and let us out. I think I am like that sometimes. Enjoying the coziness of what could have been and waiting for someone else to get me out. I think it is all about getting myself out there taking my own action and my own risk. AND being happy with whatever results. This, all of this, is my life and I make it what I want it to be. Thanks Bridget for the insight.

Bridget said...

Well, thank you Rychelle, i just followed the link to your blog..and lady,i am flattered, because you are hilarious..and above average in your cleverness :) Leah, i love the concept that sometimes we need really tough sand in order to blast...and Lorelai, I love how you said that we can be waiting for someone else to get out of the bottle, how true that is, waiting for someone the rub the bottle...thank you Ladies!!