Friday, December 12, 2008

Trust (Leah)

In my scripture reading this morning I did some reading on “trust.” I wish I’d written down some of the verses and phrases that struck me, but instead you’re just going to get my watered down reaction a few hours after the fact. I’ll just tell you right off that the clear message in the scriptures is that you need to trust God and only God. None of this trusting your spouse stuff. Which I think is good. I know a close friend of mine once voiced her concern about trusting the guy she was dating. I think she meant it was hard to trust him to be reliable and committed to their relationship. She didn’t lack trust in his honesty or morality – just trusting that he’d stick it out and make the relationship work. When she vocalized her concern I remember throwing out, “Well you never totally trust a human being so it’s silly to try – you can only trust God.” I did and do believe that (whether or not I’m able to act on that belief is another issue), but this morning I guess I read it more as a commandment. You know how I was discussing insecurity earlier. Well, this morning I decided that insecurity shouldn’t even be an issue because all of my trust is in God. I have a saying in my room, made by an old Primary teacher that says, “I can follow God’s plan for me.” So true! If I keep believing and acting accordingly then it won’t matter a bit what happens in a relationship because I can (and DO) follow God’s plan for me. Listen to that self talk – I’m a big believer in that too. Kind of like building the house on a rock. If I’m following God’s plan for me then I don’t need to worry about the other person in my relationship – well God’s plan generally includes charity and service and kindness and stuff in relation to our fellow human beings (brothers and sisters) but I don’t need to sweat how I’ll do that as much because my trust is in God. It’s like a post I made way back when (and I was reminded of by my good visiting teachers recently) that when you’re in the midst of a problem – don’t think about the problem, just work on your relationship with God. Focus on truth and the clarity of God’s plan, not on how you’re going to deal with a certain dilemma. Sound good? Hope so. I need to get going.

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