Monday, December 22, 2008

Change of Title (Leah)

Please excuse the title of that last post. Let's call it "How do you spend the holidays?" And really, I think I'd like to know. What's your position? How do you feel this time of year? What have you done to make it more meaningful and memorable?


Anonymous said...

Lorelai said...

I love the holidays but like you I can get a bit depressed. I think it is the pressure to get the perfect gift for DK and the knowledge that I cannot possibly afford what I would like to give added upon that the feeling of lonliness I get sometimes on cold winter nights sitting alone looking at the brilliant lights of my Christmas tree. I try to overcome those feelings of sadness and lonliness with two things. First we try and remember WHY we are celebrating Christmas. At the beginning of the season we have a birthday party for Jesus and have cake and everything and we talk about why we give gifts. It helps. Then we try and give service to others who may also be lonely. DK and I helped a widow last night who had recently moved. It felt great to help her get her house together and DK was the biggest help. We were both on a service high all night long.

I do have to agree that New Years Eve is worse and I have not figured a way to make it better. It does not help that last year I did have someone to cuddle with on the couch and get that midnight kiss. No such luck this year but that is ok. I think I will go to bed at a decent hour.

Scully said...

I was wrapping presents this morning and listening to Christmas music. I love Christmas because of these two things so I try to focus on them the most.

I heard something on the radio yesterday that I thought summed up my new attitude. It was a show about death and dying. One mantra that struck me was "want what you have". In other words—be grateful. Even a bit more than grateful for what you've got and where you are. Also just the fact that we're all going to die… hate to break it to you. What if this was my last Christmas or New Years? Would I want to spend it all depressed because of what I seemingly lack? I am so amazingly blessed.