Sunday, September 7, 2008

a bit of a "whew" (Scully)

So, I just sent Captain Mal an e-mail saying that I would love to try continuing this relationship when he's actually officially single. We'll see if there's a response. I gave him no guarantees I would be around when that time comes, but if it's good, it will eventually work out. I don't want to be someone's secret or feel the need to lie about the relationship to well meaning questioners. For the best. Some of you are probably screaming a big, DUH! to that in your heads right now, but I'm a little slow when it comes to things like this. If it were someone else I'd be screaming DUH! too, but I tend to get a little blind when it's me.

I had dinner with Rod the other night. When ended up talking for 2hrs before dinner. Nothing deep or anything, just an enjoyable conversation and catching up that makes you forget the time. After dinner we watched a couple of episodes of a tv series we like and I was home by about 11. It was a good evening. Having taken our relationship down a couple of notches, I could ask him questions about his other friends who are girls without my jealousy horns and talons coming out and the fact that he forgot my birthday didn't make me want to use those horns and talons to either gore or disembowel him. This is good.


Kris said...

good job Scully. Sounds like smart moves all around! So fun to have you blogging!

Bridget said...

I don't say "duh" to any woman anymore,i've either done what they're doing or may do it in the future :)good for you in expressing what you are willing or not willing to accept.