Sunday, September 7, 2008

Trying (Leah)

I'm trying to think of good blogworthy thoughts and little comes to mind. I'm also trying to think of how I feel about new Phil and nothing is especially driving me in either direction. We keep going out and having a good time. I think I'm getting to know him better and I know I like what I see, but I still wonder if what I see will gel much with what I am. How can you tell? I ask myself this every time I date a Phil. Sometimes I wonder if I'm too much of a chameleon and if the problem is that I'm not really sure of who/what I am. Usually I just conclude that I'm multi-faceted and adjust well to new situations - nothing wrong with that. I have broad interests - bring on the guy who is different from me - all the better! But each time I do some major wondering. He's really good and has even inspired me to improve certain areas of my life. I like people who inspire me to try to be better. Anyway, we're still just taking it one day at a time. The last Phil was so isntantly easy to get to know - at least that's what my memory says. This one seems to take longer. Is that possible or is it just faulty memory? I think I'll side with the memory option. Thank you very much to my fellow "single mormon girls" who keep me thinking and laughing and wondering with all of their good blogging thoughts. Go team!


Anonymous said...

Love the musing on this blog... Looks like you girls are having some fun:-)


Scully said...

Time is a good thing.

Marnie said...

I hear you sister! I tend to second guess whether I really like the guy. I think, "why do I think you are special over any other? Am I forcing myself to like you because you appear to like me back??" I wonder if I'm just analyzing too much and not letting myself "feel" things. I'm naturally more of a thinker than a feeler...I've never trusted my heart. I should probably work on that.