Monday, September 8, 2008

follow-up and a bit about me (Scully)

So I thought Captain Mal's reaction was pretty great. He was very positive. Didn't act mad or put out at all. Thanked me for taking the time so far and that he'd be more than happy to wait until he was free and single. He was very sweet. Wished me well in the meantime, but hoped that in six months or so we'd be able to pick-up where we'd left off. Whew! Frankly, that gave him points right there.

Okay so a bit about me. But nothing too specific since I'm still paranoid about the anonymous situation. (The truth is out there, but everyone is watching you try to find it! Yeah, like anyone really cares:).)
• Make my living as an artist of sorts. 1 condo, 1 car, 1 kitty. Just outside of Salt Lake City.
• Youngest of 4 — 2 boys in the middle, 2 girls on the ends. Pretty close with all. 12 nieces and nephews.
• Mother deceased 5 yrs ago. Father re-married 3 yrs ago. That one did a number on my whole perspective on the sealing situation. Not in a bad way necessarily. He's sealed to both. Think about THAT one deeply for a while.
• Just turned 39. Don't think about it too much.
• Didn't really date for reals until my 30s. The man of my 20s recently broke up with the man of his 30s and is on now to the man of his 40s. We're still good friends. Boyfriend from high school is living in Switzerland with his husband. We were okay friends until about a year ago. He still brought a beard (if you don't know what this means it's when a gay man brings a woman as his date) to the 20 yr reunion. Sheesh, get over yourself already.
• Was briefly engaged once. Couldn't get beyond the facts that he didn't have a job and didn't like my family very much. Roller coaster ride.
• Next serious relationship—another roller coaster. Started dating like the week he was divorced. 5 kids. Didn't know yet how to take care of them let alone someone else. Seemed to me like he was mad at all the women in his life. Didn't bring out the best in each other. This was going on during and after my mother's death. I think we were both in a space where we needed someone. Feel like I cleared with him, but don't keep in contact with him anymore.

I feel like I have a great life and enjoy many aspects of being single, but do love having a man in my life and know that there are many things I will only be able to learn about myself and others by being married. I feel like I've made the right decisions about my relationships in the past. With some of them it took me a while to get there, but I don't have regrets. Would love to move into something lasting.

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Leah said...

Scully, I too went through a strange relationship when dealing with a time of grief. I was glad the guy was there, but I'm also glad he's not longer there. I care about him because he was kind during a time when I felt alone. I'm just glad I'm not alone anymore and that I don't have to deal with our mismatch.

Welcome again.