Monday, October 13, 2008

answer to prayer (marcia)

Just thought I’d write a little bit in response to Bridget’s last “That can’t be him” post … which I totally related to. I’m just like Bridget’s best friend. The package that Clue came in is totally different than the type of guy I’ve always dated in the past. Among other things, Clue is a recent convert and his former life is so different than mine not to mention so different than the person he is today. It boggles my mind to hear him talk about his former life (which is a testament of the atonement and the conversion process).

If you’ll recall, when we were first dating, I didn’t feel a connection. Clue also “accused” me of being emotionally unavailable. Gradually things started to change. I was starting to really fall for him but he wasn’t the type I thought I’d end up with. I was both resisting and falling in love at the same time. One night I was praying about what to do about Clue. I don’t always receive strong or immediate answers to my prayers, but that night I did. The answer was so clear that it brought tears to my eyes: “He’s what you’ve been praying for.” I was completely surprised. And then I thought long and hard about Clue. His resume looks different than what I was looking for, but I realized all the essential elements plus more are there. I'm grateful for prayer and answers to prayer since I wasn't smart enough to see that myself. From that point I tried to focus on learning from rather than worrying about our differences (and I still have to remind myself of this). The rest, as they say, is history.

Hopefully my experience helps…personally, I think you’re on to something Bridget!


Spinster in the City (SitC) said...

I think this is an interesting topic. Sometimes I get upset that the LDS guys I meet are so superficial and only seem to care about looks and certain things. But then I have to admit that guys aren't the only ones that do this. I mean if I met a guy that I didn't find particularly attractive and I didn't feel was on "my level", would I give him a chance? I hope so because who knows how many great guys I could have already passed up just because they didn't fit into my preconceived notions. My roommate only dates very attractive well dressed guys that always turn out to be jerks. I have been telling her lately to broaden her horizons. I hope I will do the same thing.

marcia said...

thanks for your comment! It really was hard for me to get over my preconceptions. My reservations weren't about the physical package (especially since I think Clue is very handsome) - it was about life experiences and background. Kinda like Bridget's guacamole requirement. But I'll be the first to admit, I've been on the shallow end of judgment more than a time or two.