Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Whole New World (Lorelai)

Our second guest blogger- this is great!

Hi, I am Lorelai guest blogger. Here is my story: I was cruising along thinking I had found my prince and then slam things changed and I found myself bouncing in a lifeboat through an ocean of uncertainty. Where had the fancy cruise with endless buffets of yummy food gone?

As I was out there alone in the darkness of anger and hurt I felt like I wanted a big pity party in my honor. I had done all the right things and look where it landed me. But clinging to bitterness and defeat is just not in my nature. I did not date at all for about a year and then hesitantly tried to get back in the game.

I have dated one good man and one not so good and gone on several one-time dates but realized recently that I am sitting at home with the lights turned off. You know when Halloween night you run out of candy and instead of making a late night run to the store you just turn off the porch light. The thing is that I have been willing in theory but not in practice. So what does it take to brave the dating game? To be vulnerable AND to trust that it will be different this time? For everyone the answer must be different but for me it was my son.

I was getting pretty content living alone, doing things my way. It was easy; hard in many aspects but easy on the heart. Having a loving five year old tell you that you are beautiful does wonders for the soul. But one day he told me he wanted to buy a brother because in Primary they talked about families and he wants a brother so bad he is willing to buy one because mommy you know families are forever. We talked about how buying brother was not going to happen. But it got me thinking. I had been complacent and perhaps I will not marry again but I wasn't even trying – at all. So with renewed hope, faith and a not so gentle shove from friends I am back in the game. So good luck to me and good luck to you.

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Bridget said...

Thank you for sharing a bit of your story, It must be very challenging to have started over again...how strong you are for getting out there. And how blessed you are with a little boy.