Sunday, October 12, 2008

That can't be him (Bridget)

This last weekend one of my best friends came to California and I got to meet the guy that he believes he'll spend the rest of his life with. It inspired me to hear them talking about the way they met and how it just seemed to happen an. My best friend talked about how the actual package that his boyfriend came in was nothing that he had anticipated. It got me thinking again, as I have for the last few months about how important it is to be open to what package the love of our lives will come in. I know for me I have historically put requirements such as, he needs to have this sort of education level, needs to have this sort of height to weight measurements, he needs to be this nationality, no kids, never been married,or exwife is somehow out of the picture, he has to have a love for 80's synth pop (i'm not joking here) and you know how I feel about guacamole(see prior post). I've seen in myself and other women how we can be so specific about what we're willing to date, that we can limit ourselves drastically and perhaps miss the love of our lives. I've been trying very hard to be open to all possibilities..and remember it is a hard task to ultimately anticipate the minor details of the person that will be the love of our lives. I have lately tried to picture, or feel how I will be with this person in my life and how this person will make me feel. I will feel comfortable, wonderful and awe inspiring to him, while all the while being inspired to be better,and to want to grow with him. I just wonder how many times a man has walked by me, and I have turned my head because they didn't come in the package that I thought they would."That can't be him," I said to myself..

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