Wednesday, October 22, 2008

wherever you are, thats where you are( Bridget)

Ok, so its been kind of quiet on the western dating front. I have a couple internet meetings a-brewing, and saw my own personal Mr Big tonight for a reuniting dinner tonight after a year. So, perhaps will have more to speak of in the near future.

What I want to blog about is the trip I just went on to New York with my two brothers and one of my sisters. I had a great time, but with all of the hustle and bustle and the many, many people hustling and bustling around..i was very happy to get back to the west coast. The strong desire to get back home told me that i am in the right place for me geographically. The question I then have found myself asking is, Am I in the right place emotionally? Spiritually?

I answer this with an unequivical YES.

I read through a Depak Chopra book while in New York..he proposed that basically if we're in a situation, there is a reason and instead of wishing we were in a different place, to accept that what we are feeling, experiencing in our life at this very moment is the way that its supposed to be. A lot of anxiety in life, he noted, is the fight against the feelings that we're having, and would be diminished if we can just again, accept.

In the current theme of blogs, imaginining and seeing ourselves in the situations we would like to be in is so helpful. Saying that, there's a reason we are going through the experiences we're having...there's valuable lessons involved. The ability to accept is important to master...and to just be in the moment, because according to many wise teachers, the moment and being in it is a very important tool for joy.

Many times in the past for me , a trip to New York would be spent thinking and obsessing about the moment that I would be back at work and the moments in which I am seeing the sunset on the top of the Empire State Building, or eating the amazing chocolate cake at the delightful eatery Serendipity , or singing along to Elton John songs played by the piano man at Brandys Piano Bar would be past and lost. Never to be found again. Its in the moments girls, I feel it in my soul.


Kris said...

Ah- I really needed this post. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

this was really good to hear. it seems a perfect suggestion for all of us. as i read the anonymous comment on the last post my heart hurt for her. i wonder if as singles we put too much focus on "getting married" and fail to live and succeed in the moment. like pres. monson says: "learn from the past, look to the future (or was it plan), and live in the present." that's advice i'm always trying to follow! always in the sense that it takes constant effort.

Anonymous said...

I agree. It's far more important to focus on being happy now than on how to get married or whether I'm dating or not.

Joseph Smith said that happiness is the design of our existence- and he had more difficult circumstances to find happiness through than any of us.

Leah said...

Very good point about J.S. My Relief Society lesson last week was about his tribulations and one of the points we discussed was how what he suffered wasn't fair but it is a blessing for us to have an example of someone who can endure extreme suffering, compared to Jesus who DID endure great suffering, AND he did it to save us, but he was a God - so where Joseph, a mortal suffered so much for us and our salvation too, it just makes me realize how very selfish and lame any whining I might do is.

Scully said...

Thanks Bridge! Although I am wishing I was in NY with you. Sounds like a fun trip.

Bridget said...

Yes, Joseph Smith is a great example, one that absolutely inspires me to try and live my live better and definitely look on the bright side, because our suffering could be at such a higher level . I love the concept that happiness is the design of our existence. The fact that we are designed to be happy, explains why all the stressing we do, and the anxiety about whether we're going to be married and when,makes us so unhappy. Its a choice we make. to stress or not to stress, that is the question.

Bridget said... stress is against our nature...because of this it is so uncomfortable..there I think I got it all out :)