Monday, June 2, 2008

7 Habits of highly effective online daters(Bridget)

This is for you Kris, from one online dater to another, passing the proverbial torch..make me proud little one.

1.Please do not look at a guy's profile multiple times. LDS planet SAYS that one can look at another's profile as many times as they want in one day and it will count as one. If you trust this you will be sorry. Recently, and this has happened more than once (one time shame on them, two times shame on me, three times...I deserve to be alone on a Saturday night) I will be sharing emails filled with witty repartee with a gentleman, and believing that it will only count as one look, I will sneak another peak at their profile,or maybe say twelve peaks,and by gosh, I will never hear from them again...

2. Do not get online after 10pm unless you're looking for a booty chat..they rarely respect you in the morning

3. Go with your have that certain something inside that tells you if you should keep chatting/email with this guy...if there's red flags already...and you haven't even i/m'd him,keep moving

4. Don't ask a guy that says he valet parks for a living, what his "plan" is,as if he absolutely must have one..that just makes for awkward chatting

5. Flirt can go places you don't want it to

6. Be an equal opportunity and profiles can be deceiving in a good way and bad way. Try and be open to all possibilities.

7. Make sure to invest time and energy on some flattering pictures. No one wants to see the picture you've taken of yourself in the bathroom mirror with your Motorola..this will go a long way, and really speaks of the level of pride you have in yourself, i think.

So there...the seven habits of highly effective online daters. Take it for what its worth...and good luck with your online escapades...


Kris said...

Yay. Thanks Bridget! I'll take it all under advisement as I head out into the unknown. :)

Anonymous said...

That is great advice!!