Friday, June 20, 2008

agendas (marcia)

I remember an early conversation that Clue and I had about his immersion in to the world of Mormon dating (he’s a fairly recent convert). I distinctly remember both of us agreeing that the problem with single Mormons is that everyone they meet is viewed as a prospective eternal companion and the evaluation as to whether that person is acceptable eternal material or not begins the moment eyes meet. In the secular world, when a single person meets another, eternity is not in the equation…anywhere. The absence of the eternal marriage factor enables them to freely get to know someone without any pressure.

So imagine my surprise when Clue told me that he had every intention of marrying me. Taken out of context, this sounds a bit shocking. Ok, it was shocking even in context, but he didn’t just blurt it out of the blue. I’m getting used to his compliments as he tells me at least once an hour that I’m pretty, so I wasn’t squirming like I usually would when he started telling me all the things he liked about me. Then he said that I was the best girl he’s ever found and that he didn’t plan on letting me go. He said, “this may freak you out, but I intend on marrying you.” Wow. WOW. My first thought was that he must not meet very many girls. My second was that he was still in the red-flag-colorblindness stage where you just don’t see all the things that bug you after awhile. My third thought was “that is one of the nicest things anyone has ever told me in the first trimester of dating.”


Mark Rosario said...

sounds pretty exciting. heheh.. let us know where this leads.

guess someone will bid goodbye to this singles' blog. :)

Marnie said...

That is the nicest comment a man can give a woman. Especially coming from a man you care about! The Marnie of 10 years ago would run so fast out of his reach, he'd barely see the dust after hearing that. Especially if I hadn't made that decision myself...Good luck with this! I'm rooting for you!!!