Thursday, June 5, 2008

Internet Update (Kris)

It's been about a week since I decided to try the internet. I signed up for two pretty popular sites. I wasn't so impressed. It seemed I was getting the most attention from guys at least 15 years older than me, sometimes much more. It was creepy. I've dated a wide range of ages, and don't think age is always important, but to have 55+ men be the primary contact was turning me off the internet dating scene. Luckily, Bridget filled me in on how to only show my profile to the age range I choose. But still, I wasn't feeling too excited about anyone I was finding or the process. I'm not giving up on those sites, I signed up for 3 months and will give it a good effort. I did decide that maybe I needed to try a different type of site. I signed up for LDS Promise, thinking it may have people who are a little more serious about relationships and less into playing. I signed up yesterday, so far, I've liked it. I like the matching process instead of mass profile surfing, and felt like I've been matched with some decent guys. Well see how it goes.

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