Sunday, July 6, 2008

10 Things about Leah

Okay, now for my 10 things. I've been "on vacation" for the last couple of weeks - which isn't like me at all - and I'm anxious to get back in my life. I think this will be a good start. And just so you know, in case it matters, there is absolutely no order to this list - just as it comes to me.
1. I tend to over share. I even had my students once give me the "TMI."
2. I love people - I can't get enough of good ones. I feel blessed all around that wherever my life has taken me my close friends and associates are good uplifting ones.
3. I love books - I think some of the characters become some of those good friends for me. I think I've finally come to the stage in my life, though, where I can tell a good book from a bad one - bad in the sense of not worth my time. There is too much of life for me to spend a lot of time just being entertained. Which takes me to my next point...
4. I love to learn. I love to think that I'm seeing things in new ways and gaining new perspectives. People and books are really good for fulfilling this need to learn. I know there's always a different way of looking at things and I hate to miss any of them.
5. I hate to think there is anything out there to fear. I don't ever want to be a victim, of any kind, so I believe my love of learning is an attempt to conquer any fears that may be hiding in my sub-conscious.
6. Like Marnie, I never really enjoy the question, "What do you like to do?" I usually wind up saying, "I like to read," but I think that sounds nerdy and boring and the truth is, I probably don't spend as much time doing that as I'd like. One Phil, from long ago, said I needed a hobby - I think I was smothering him - I told him my hobby was people and at that moment he was at the top of the people list. Yeah, smothering, I've been working on that one.
7, 8, 9. I'm stuck. I have nothing more to offer. I'm only good for 7 things. For all that previous talk I should say that I avoid annoying people, and situations that make me afraid. For instance, I hate haunted houses. They make me angry - that's what happens when I get scared or nervous - I get angry. Not pretty. I also find myself staying up way too late way too often reading way too lame of books - the fluffy meaningless types. And as for love of learning - well I have a few degrees but doubt I'll ever do a PhD because it just sounds like way too much work and reading and writing. So basically...
10. I'm a hypocrite. But who isn't?

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Marnie said...

You kill me leah! I loved your list! Thanks for your honesty and for being so darn funny!!