Friday, July 18, 2008

Listen to your gut (Leah)

I just had a conversation with a girl friend whose romantic life is going the right direction. She was asking about the old Phil and the new Phil. I was telling her how I just feel a bit in a slump - no "feeling" one way or another. She told me to forget the Phils and listen to my gut. Do what I want. Well, I really wanted to go see a particular film tomorrow night. I'd been brave yesterday and invited a totally different wannabe-Phil to go with me and he "had plans." Sigh. So my girl friend said I should just call up new Phil and tell him how I really want to see the film and invite him to go with me. I had nothing to lose. She was right. This way I was doing what I wanted and living my life with the attitude that he could join me if he wanted - I was kindly inviting him to join me - I think it's all in the mental attitude. Anyway, I did it, he's coming, and I feel good. And for now, that's what counts. I think I'll spend my Friday night watching a DVD. Cutting Edge: Chasing the Dream - some third installment of a really good chick flick. The point is, we over analyze and debate within ourselves and never just go with what we want - listen to your gut - it pays.

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