Saturday, July 12, 2008

Rant (Leah)

Okay, I know the deal is this isn't supposed to be rip on men style blogging, but can I rip on women just a tiny bit? Really, sometimes women are their own worst enemy. I out with a group last night - good times - but some of the women I'd have to describe as just plain grumpy-bitter or grumpy-old. One woman was feeling a bit burned by a guy who had no interest in dating her. She wanted him shunned in every way possible and was bitter that any of the other girls in the group bothered to look at him. It made her not so fun to be around. Then a couple other women were so intent on "taking care of" another woman that they basically avoided talking to anyone else and were grumpy about the large group being so social - and basically kept the "needy" one so smothered that she didn't get a chance to interact with anyone else either. Really - relax the circle of sisterhood and embrace other people already!

Rant done.

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