Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The Boys (Kris)

Well internet date two was fun. I'm not sure what to think, two internet dates and I liked them both. It makes me doubt myself and over think everything. Maybe I'm just excited to have someone like me and turning that into interest in these guys. Historically, I'm not the best judge of character. OK- I'm going to try to leave the analysis behind and just have fun. I mean, really, what more is there to do than just go forward and see what happens, right? This will be hard for me.

I need aliases for these guys. Internet Guy 1 and Internet Guy 2 are pretty boring names. Any suggestions? Internet Guy 3- didn't happen yet. We were supposed to do lunch last week but he's turning out to be a little flaky. He actually called tonight and I didn't pick up. I was in the middle of a bunch of things and just didn't want to sit and chat. Plus his voice sounds a lot like my brother's crazy college roommate. It's a little unsettling.

Here's the 411 on the date with IG2. We met for dinner, then I suggested a quirky little movie that I've been dying to see that was closing last weekend. He agree and liked it. Passing the indie movie test scores him big time points in my book. We have a lot of the same taste in movies, music, etc. He's a talker, which made the evening easy. I've found I enjoy him more in person than on the phone. Which is normal for me. I'm not a big phone talker, but neither of these guys live very close to me so I guess I need to be OK with phone communication. He did call on Monday and we chatted for almost two hours. Here more proof of my ability to attract nerds- we talked for probably 20 minutes about monster movies. Yes, and I found it very interesting. Sometimes I just want a really cool guy, but I admit, I'm a big nerd and seem to attract the same. I've decided "cool" is being OK with your nerdiness, because I think we've all got that side to us. I say, "Embrace the inner nerd!" That's what's really cool. This way I can be true to my nerdy roots yet still end up with someone cool, right??? (That was sort of a weird tangent)

IG1 is still out of town. He actually sent me an email earlier this week when he was briefly online between trips. I thought that was nice. He sent me a blog of his trip, which of course I had to snoop around and read all his entries. He just seems like a solid, good guy. This is embarrassing, but I found myself re-reading his email a few times today. I think I just wanted to feel like I was hearing from him again. Yep, nerdy yet again, I know. He said he'd call when he's back in town.

Now here's me being a little mean. I ride with a biking group. Tonight this new guy asked for my phone number. I really didn't want to give it to him, but did. He asked me in front of the group which was weird. I could sense it coming. I'm usually pretty good at sending the "I'm being polite but don't ask me out" vibe. But he just wasn't getting it. I was trying so hard to make excuses to stop talking and drive away, but he was persistent- or oblivious. Here's maybe TMI that's a little unkind. He put his bike on his car, I was parked a little ways down the street. He got out a skateboard and rode down the street then did some trick right in front of my car (which he totally messed up). I wanted to just laugh- are we 14!! I know he's busted some unwanted moves on one of my friends in his ward too. So I'll hand it to him for getting out there, but he's just not too perceptive about what's going on. Now I'm worried it's going to put an awkwardness in the bike group. That would be a bummer.

Overall, good things in the dating world. I'm enjoying having some nice guys to date and excited to see what will happen. I admit it was much easier to maintain this blog when I was just writing about ideas and not real people. There is a bit of paranoia one of these guys will come across this blog and realize who I am. Yikes. Again, I wanted that to be the point, I guess, letting go of inhibitions.


Leah said...

Kris - sounds like you're having a great time! I loved the story about the skater dude - too funny! I want a guy to try to impress me with some skate board tricks - that would be the ultimate flattery!

Kris said...

Um... you can have him. :)