Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Marriage Proposal #1 (Marnie)

I’m currently back east in a really large city for a work conference this week. The building that has the conference has a lot of security measures at the front door including an x-ray scanner to examine your belongings. Well, I’ve found that when working with security (TSA or any other kind) it is best to smile, follow directions thoroughly and look like you are paying full attention to them.

The security guard today looked a little annoyed with the big group that was coming in today, so I tried really hard to follow his directions and pay attention to him. I smiled kindly at him and watched his cues – which he didn’t really give a lot of – so I guessed a bit. Once I got my computer thru he held it back. I walked over to him to see the problem and he said, “I kept your bag because I wanted to ask if you would take an offer of marriage.” That was the LAST thing I thought he would say to me! I smiled, laughed nervously and said, “Actually, I’m not taking any this week! But you are so sweet! Thank you!” He smiled back and said, “Ok, but if you change your mind, I’ll be here.”

When I told my friend about the experience when she questioned about my delay, she said, “My goodness, you really are working hard to get married! Men can feel the vibe coming from you!!” I thought that was an interesting idea and I‘ll admit, it made me feel good about my many past efforts.

After pondering the proposal, I wondered what the difference was that I would get such a comment from a total stranger when I’m normally just one of the crowd. I then realized I had looked him straight in the eye with a smile and didn’t look away. I was waiting for instructions; he took it as a sign of me liking to look at him. And it must not have been a threatening thing because he responded very well to it.

So, the new goal: when I see a pleasant looking stranger, I’m going to try to make eye contact and smile. Not a creepy one and not a stare, but just a good contact. That’s got to help a bit, right? That makes me more approachable. The real goal will be to try it at my new singles’ ward and at the different activities we have. The ward is huge and it makes it hard to meet people for some reason. With this new tactic, I’m bound to get a conversation out of one or two guys – maybe even commitment-phobia-ed men! Now that would be an achievement!

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Leah said...

Sounds like you could have at least gotten a date out of him! Way to learn a valuable skill.