Monday, July 7, 2008

Sushi for Two(Bridget)

I had a date on Monday night with a 30 year old writer. It happened pretty quickly,well sort of...months ago I received an email from a very sincere guy with a great vocabulary(use big words and I'm your's.)We instant messaged a few times over the span of a weekend, I found that he lived 20 minutes away and he got my sense of humor..and that he knew big words. What more do you need? He asked me to dinner and I at the time, said I'd like to get to know eachother a little better, but was semi open to meet someone younger,for fun and who knows?

Then after a couple of more emails he dropped off the face of the earth (how unlike internet dating,I know). I thought i had offended him by something i asked. And I had an inclination about which question it was. Although his profile said he was a writer,he told me that he valet parks to pay the bills. When he told me this, I then asked,wait for it... What's your plan? After a long silence he typed back, My Plan? I felt bad in assuming that he even had a plan, or needed a plan. I honestly just thought, oh hes a writer and he is parking cars until he gets his big break. He didn't have a plan, which then I felt bad about calling attention to the fact that he doesn't have a plan...and then the dropping off of the earth happened. I felt a little bummed because I thought he seemed like a really cool guy..this young valet parker/writer with no plan.

So fast forward a couple of months and I get an email from him. He had computer problems (for two months,that's call for a new computer or a better excuse) and we wrote back and forth a couple of times, then within a couple of days, we happened to be free on the same night and decided to meet for Sushi. No pressure at all. I felt good because I didn't have any expectations and just wanted to have a laugh or two. I met him and i thought he was attractive in person. I felt comfortable, actually a bit too comfortable,the kind of comfortable that would gladly would step aside for a little bit of anxiety if it meant there was major attraction. I felt right away that I had the upper hand. But he was funny and cute, spilled the Miso soup but was charming about it. When the server asked if he needed anything else, he said maybe a few more minutes to spill the drinks.He made me laugh.

I didn't feel any sparks, but thought I would like to see him again, if only to be friends. He asked the dreaded "what do you do for fun?" and I let him know about my most favorite activities to do. I am one busy woman these days what with school,work,church, and volunteering....and it felt really good to be able to tell him the exciting things going on in my life. By the end of the night, I had the desire to perhaps see him again, but knew that we were not at the same place. He was only 30. Which is really relative, but for this 30 year old, he was pretty much where I was at 30, still not knowing what the heck i was doing.

He kissed me on the cheek,which was a bit awkward. He said he'd really like to see me again, what was I doing the next night? The next night? Hmm...busy. Because I was...When I drove away, all I wanted to do was call GSE. I wanted to be excited and thrilled and inspired and attracted...and I didn't feel that. He sent me a really nice text about an hour later with some very nice compliments. He didn't call the next day, he texted. I texted him back,actually asked him to go to the Getty, a very cool museum in L.A. He had to work on the Friday night I proposed.

Since then, I've received an email in which he informed me, he had decided to move to move in with his parents...yeah, did I mention he's 30? I don't remember if i did.


Kris said...

Ah, the life of a cougar. Good story. I think sometimes age matters and sometimes it doesn't, sounds like in this case it did.

Marnie said...

With his parents?? You know, sometimes you can't make this stuff up!! Good job at seeing the lighter side Bridget! That will get a person thru this sort of stuff!