Monday, July 28, 2008

Good Men (Leah)

I spoke to Kris yesterday and told her a couple stories as we shared excitement over Cary Grant. I thought I had nothing to report on the blog, but she encouraged me to share what little has happened since I last posted.

So... progress with Phil. There's really only one now - the original Phil is history - the new Phil I've managed to go out with twice. Our last date was when I invited him to a movie - not a normal movie, but a really weird one that most people wouldn't necessarily enjoy. He came along happily and for the most part seemed fine with it. We had a great conversation afterward on my porch - really that's the best part of dates anyway - the follow-up conversation. Sometimes I wish that were the date itself. The next day he told me he wouldn't be going to any more of those types of movies with me. I had to remind myself that he wasn't rejecting me - only the movie. Still - it would make me much happier if he'd prefaced it with something like, "I enjoy spending time with you... and would like to continue doing so..." but I think that would require more communication skills and interest than many men of my peer group seem to have. I think there is still some potential there, so I haven't given up hope yet.

When I needed another date, though, I didn't want to call on him, being still so new to each other I decided I better give him some space. Luckily I thought of another guy to ask. This one probably will never be a Phil - we've been acquaintances long enough that if there was interest there it probably would have come up sooner. It was a group date, though, and at one point in the evening I looked around at the men and thought to myself that they were really great good people and I felt lucky to be spending an evening with them. There are times when I just think of how lucky I am to know and hang out with (and hopefully date) some of the best people in the world!

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Kris said...

This is one thing I really like about you- you always see the positive! Definitely one of your gifts!