Friday, July 25, 2008

Cary Grant (Kris)

Sorry, I feel like I'm monopolizing the blog. There just seems to be a lot going on. I don't know where to start. Mostly my brain isn't functioning too well on such little sleep. I saw IG2 last night. Sort of a spontaneous invite for him to join me at a BBQ with some friends. I was surprised how excited I was to see him when he said he could come. After dinner, we ended up back at my place and had some really good conversation.

It's so nice to be on the same page with a guy I'm dating. It hardly ever happens. We both are freaking out a bit that we like each other so much yet we really don't know each other that well. It was surprisingly easy to talk openly with him. He's also so complimentary and romantic. None of it seems cheesy, I think because he's just being kind and sincere.

I told him about this blog. I was hesitant because I'm not ready to have him read it. I don't want to edit myself, but I felt like I needed to make sure he was OK with me sharing my relationship with him with my fabulous internet friends. :) He was cool about it. He knows I enjoy blogging and said he was fine not getting the blog address. I asked him to help me think of his alias, we settled on Grant, as in Cary Grant. We both like the classic films and are big Cary Grant fans. And to be honest (if not too cheesy) he makes me feel like a leading lady on the silver screen. He dances with me in my living room and says all those fabulous things I thought was only in fiction. He's dreamy. He actually sent me poetry today that he wrote for me. Watch me swoon.

I haven't shared much about him. He has two sons that live with him. Tomorrow I'm meeting them. The oldest is turning 12 so we are spending the day celebrating. I'm stressing a bit about it. In fact, I don't think I've been so imtimidated by a 12 year old since the grade school playground. I love kids; kids usually love me. But I feel like chemistry with his kids is going to be a huge factor in the direction the relationship is going to go. Then there's the birthday present. I love giving fun gifts, but I don't want to seem like I'm buying his affection (although this works well with my neices and nephews). I want to find something little that is the perfect gift to say that I'm the coolest girl his dad has ever dated. No pressure. :)

I really think that thinking about it is the hardest part. Once I get there and all the unknowns are known, all should be fine. (I hope). :)


Leah said...

How about a bouncy ball?
I'm pleased that your "hogging" the blog - I have nothing to report. I think and think but nothing to say. Maybe I'll come up with something this weekend.
I'm happy to hear things are so exciting and smooth - well done and good luck!

Afton said...

Ooh! I second Leah! I was just going to say, show him your bouncy ball collection and I think you'll have him in your pocket. Actually, that could work better for the younger one, but I'm sure the 12 year old would still be super impressed with the collection, even if he did try and act cool about it. He'd be super excited on the inside.