Thursday, July 31, 2008

Predictability (Leah)

First - I'd like to say that the whole "anonymity" thing I take credit for - I for one didn't want to be linked in real life to these confessions - I'm already known for saying WAY too much. One of my goals is to be less vocal about my personal/dating life. I figured if I shared on here that would help satisfy the urge to "spill" and spare not only my friends an earful, but also spare the guy I dated a bit of over exposure.

Okay - so... on with my stories! Phil is a bit predictable. He's one of those guys that is super logical and methodical. He doesn't "get" art and music doesn't make him move - he said so himself. I could have guessed it. But he is kind. He is thoughtful. He does his duty. And, I love that he's a bit predictable. I like the security that comes from dating a guy that you know will ask you out regularly enough. I like knowing that even if he's not emailing, or calling to chat, or even hanging on my every word in person, he genuinely enjoys my company and is making an effort to date me.

He was out of town last weekend, but I saw him at Family Home Evening and he made an effort to sit and visit with me. I went home hoping that I'd hear from him later that night, but expecting that I'd hear from him on Tuesday night asking me out for this weekend. Luckily I'd managed to keep it open - yeah, not so hard now that I think about it. But he didn't call Tuesday night and I was a bit disappointed, but I figured he was the sort who might still ask me out on Wednesday - a lot of guys follow the rule that you can't ask out a woman after Wednesday. So, Wednesday night I went out shopping with the girlfriends and when I got home the phone was beeping indicating there was a message. Without looking at caller ID I knew it was him. I called him back like he asked me to on the message - luckily he'd indicated the time he'd go to bed so I knew I could still call - so polite! He hadn't perfectly finalized all the details yet, but he asked me out for Saturday night. And just like every date we've had previously, it involves some of his family members - this time his parents. (Dates involving family - another topic for discussion.)

While we were talking he told me how his aunt had asked him if we were still seeing each other. She told him that she thought I was the sort of person that just brings happiness wherever I go - we had met on our first date. She gave us cookies. I think she's the sort that brings happiness wherever she goes - but I was very grateful for the compliment and I was grateful that he shared it with me. I think he was saying that I make him happy. And I must say - that makes me very happy!


Kris said...

All that plus he's tall, dark and handsome! He matches you well (and we all know looking good together is half the battle) :)

Marnie said...

You go girl! I'm glad Phil sees what I've always known - a fabulous confident kind woman who knows how to liven up a party!!

Leah said...

You guys are good to me! But Marnie, I don't get the impression he's looking for someone to liven up a party - I think he's way too conservative for that - but who knows! Maybe I'm underestimating him! Thanks for your thoughtful comment - I'll keep it in mind.