Wednesday, July 30, 2008

My Cover is Blown (Kris)

**UPDATE** Apparently you put my real name in google and this blog shows up- how'd that happen? I thought I took every precaution to keep this away from my real identity (ha-sounds like I'm a superhero with a secret identity- except that would be a lot cooler. ) The most troubling part is I can't figure out how to get rid of it.

Grant told me yesterday that his sister found this blog (shout out to L if you're reading this-nice to sort of meet you :) ) At first I was mortified and sat there through dinner trying to remember everything I'd written. Having Grant know about it is one thing, but his sister is a different story. She's someone I don't know, but I hope to meet someday and hope she likes me. Having her know all these details before any of that makes me a bit intimidated. But maybe this is just how it is supposed to happen. The purpose of this blog is to get me over my inhibitions. The original idea was not to have aliases and just really put everything out there. Things are what they are, I think how I think, and it really shouldn't matter who knows. Right? Do you think this is naive? Is it better to hold my cards closer to my chest?

Grant assured me that he stopped her from telling him too much about it and she said she wouldn't read it either, but I emailed him today and told him it would be OK. Having Clue read Marcia's blog seems to have worked out well, and now they are just "riding the wave of love" (see Marcia's post below). Now my challenge will be to continue to blog as if I am still anonymous. I actually have been composing a few things in my head. I'll post more later.

Geez, I guess being so bad at keeping my cover makes me a failure as an Angel. What would Bosley say?


geebee said...

Grant's other sister is in the house (on the blog?) Whatever.

djinn said...

Not geebee! Djinn

Anonymous said...

I wouldn't worry about what you write. We're all enjoying it WAY TOO MUCH cuz Grant refuses to read it himself, so we can all tease him mercilessy about it. One request though: More regular updates please. Your descriptions are better than Grant's. :)